Bacchus Antiques - A very nicely laid out website of an antique corkscrew dealer
Barge, Chris - One of the more active corkscrew dealers with a good selection available on the Web.
Bull, Donald- His site is a "gotta-see", the best personal web site in the corkscrew world!
Burgos, Andre - Collector/Dealer in corkscrews
Caso (Adriana) and Sulfaro (Osvaldo) - Dealers in Argentina and sell locally made pieces.
Confrérie des Compagnons du Tire Bouchon - French collegial group dedicated to celebrating the making of corkscrews in France
DeSanctis, Paolo - Italian collector of corkscrews, founding member of the ICCA
Dorantiq - an Italian antique dealer that sells corkscrews and other tools and similar items.
Erickson, Alf-Leif - South Florida Corkscrew collector, hot-air ballonist and Elephant Polo team owner and competitor
Fellay, Héctor - Argentinean antique dealer, he has good corkscrews and many Argentinean pieces not often seen.
Harbottle, Patricia - One of the leading London corkscrew dealers
Giacomini, Piero - His museums of wine related artifacts and his wife's museum of collectibles - all Italian (still much under construction)
Giulian, Bert - Corkscrew collector and expert in old iron/steel pieces, he also authored the book: Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century
Goodman, Joel - One of the best corkscrew dealers, well worth seeing his website
Gordon, Michael - A dealer with many years of experience selling corkscrews and always has high-quality stock
Herrmann, Rolf - An eclectic Collector in Germany
Holdsworth, Trevor - Collector who knows Paris.  Go to his site and look at the instructions on how to find corkscrews there
Kaesewinkel, Klaus & Helge - A Germany couple with dual collecting passion: corkscrews and cigar cutters 
Kanodia, Raj and Justine - They established the first Corkscrew website
Marshall,Frank - This site has some corkscrews but a lot of information on Flea Markets in the U.S.
Muesch, Wolfgang - A German collector with a very nicely constructed website
Oïffer, Laurent - French corkscrew dealer, offering corkscrews and old wine related objects: bottles, decanters, wine labels, hydrometers, wine tasters.
Peters, Ferd - He is a Dutch Collector who is specializing in German corkscrews and has written a book about them
Pipes, Allan - The publisher of the Wallis Corkscrew Book
Songy, Antoine - French corkscrew collector living in the U.S.
Staley, Tom - JFO member who also collects corkscrews in Florida
Stanley, John - Editor of the newsletter and author of the beer cap openers catalogue for the Just for Openers society
Sykes, Christopher - English dealer specializes in vintage corkscrew and wine related antiques, silver decanter labels, funnels and tastevins, bar corkdrawers and champagne taps.
Türler, Hajo - Swiss collector, he is resident of France now.
Walters, Dean - California corkscrew dealer and collector.  Dean also maintains the Golden Gate Corkscrew Collectors' web site - GGCC
Weston, David - an English corkscrew dealer.  Corkscrews for collectors from all over Europe.  He searches in England, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium for interesting corkscrews.